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Why You Should Get A Pool Inspection Before You Buy A House

People look for new homes with spacious outdoor settings to keep them cool, entertained, and refreshed. When buying a new home, one of the most important things to do is expert pool inspection. If there is an existing swimming pool, you would need to know its current state to understand your payment. Thus, a pool inspection is one of the foremost priorities for your home inspection.

While most people prefer to have an empty yard where they can build their customized pool, many properties already come with ready-made pools. Below are some of the most important factors to consider in pool inspection, leak detection, structure, and system equipment.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Pool Leak

At one point, a swimming pool is destined to challenge you with leaking problems. Isn’t it enough to steam one up? Well, anything that functions has to get dysfunctional one day — what’s the deal, eh?

Of course, it isn’t easy to digest it, though it is what it is. Anyways, when you get a slight suspicion of a leak, you should immediately close the pool to the time it gets repaired. A continuous leak can cause relentless damage to your different property assets, along with resulting in gallons of water loss.

Undoubtedly, leaks can insidiously create big trouble for you and increase your expenses concerning water and power bills. Comprehensively, it is a good idea to repair a leak as soon as you realize it. It is exceedingly cheaper to fix it than to continue losing power and water. Even more than that, you can end up impairing your pool and pump system.

Are you wondering what problems a leaking pool brings for you and why you shouldn’t ignore it? Have a look below.

Dangerous to people

A pool with leakages can create dangerous risks for everyone living in your house if you show negligence toward a leaking pool.

You can create a muddy region in the nearby ground because of the water leaked out of the pool. As a result, the foundation can shift to the formation of water-standing areas that operate as slipping hazards and a hotbed for insects.

“Interesting fact: many people assume that a pool leak would be obvious while they are not always apparent.”

The presence of excess water can immerse any nearby shrubbery, grass, and other landscaping. Accordingly, you will have a subpar pool with mitigated property value.



Destruction to Your Plumbing

The plumbing connected to your pool can get affected by a leak, resulting in the same consequences. Pipes will start getting worn away over time. Pipe breakage can occur as a consequence of shifts in the underlying foundation. As the leak advances, even the soil can erode.

“A noteworthy fact: increased water bill may indicate a leak.”

You might get significantly increased water bills due to these leaks with the possibility of the emergence of muddy areas that can play out as slipping hazards.

Damage to Your Pool

The most immediately vulnerable is your pool itself due to a swimming pool leak. In the event of the leak destroying only the vinyl lining, it might have relatively contained damage. On the other hand, it can initiate extensive damage when it affects the concrete substructure.

“A crucial fact: a leak can cause hundreds of dollars lost each day.”

Even a slight leak can destroy this concrete. It can cause noticeable damage that may surpass the leak and outwards. A tiny leak of an inch can become one that spans various feet.

The structural integrity and safety of your pool can get compromised by this type of leak. Some damages are so extensive that your pool might require whole or partial replacement, though most damages are repairable.

Let’s look at what we should do to prevent pool leakages or turn them from getting worse.

Monitor the Water Level

About one-half inch to one-quarter of water evaporates from your uncovered spa tub and pool on average. Every two to three days, you are required to pour water into the pool in the event of leaving it uncovered. On the other hand, you need to add more little water with a pool cover if the pool is not in use.

“According to the U.S environmental protection agency, household leaks have the potential to waste approximately 1 trillion gallons of water yearly nationwide.”

The evaporation rate in indoor pools is similar to it. Understandably, a higher evaporation level can occur if a fan in the room is fanning fresh air when the pool continues uncovered. Condensation on the windows and walls is an implication of moisture in the air.

The time for the standard bucket test comes when you notice the water level plummeting at a faster rate. You will find it by this 24-hour test if the water level decreases faster than the evaporation rate. The pool, however, remains unused and uncovered during the test period.

Since there is less evaporation, it is convenient to spot considerable water loss in a covered pool or spa tub. Just before it gets covered, you need to mark the water level in the spa tub or pool. After that, turn the pump off. The next day, check the water level against the mark.


Observe for Leaks

A bit of detective work is the requirement for finding the swimming pool leak. You need to oversight all fittings where metal converges pool surface or the decking. Notably, this includes water slides and diving boards. More so, oversight steps in concrete and gunite pools. Assumably, you have a decorative waterfall or fountain as part of the pool. You need to check those connections as well.

The drain of the pool at the bottom, which collects debris, does not allow dirt to drift into the skimmer. To keep the process smooth, you should take necessary actions to keep it cleaned and repaired to circumvent significant water loss from water pressure. Simply speaking, the drain only calls for being tightened. For the repair, the pool has not to get drained.

Next, light fitting and loose tiles should get checked. Also, check along the pool’s surface through your hands for cracks as well as tears in vinyl pools. Examine closely at the skimmer assembly, too. Take out the basket and see debris that is too large for the filter.

Have a look at the ground around the pool. Wet decking may signify a plumbing leak. Apart from this, examine the heater, pump, and system. A leaking hose or pump assembly can cause water on the pump area floor.

Pool pump leaks are a primary issue that could burn out the motor on the pump. A pool pump is a skeleton of various parts. Notably, the water intake and return system are driven by motors.

From the drain and the skimmer, water is sucked into the filter. It is the filter that removes impurities and transmits the water back into the pool. The water returns to the pool after it may get chlorinated and heated.

Contact a Professional

When you see a pool sinking or the area around the pool is wet. Along the same lines, if you see your pool losing a quarter of an inch a day, or you need to provide water more than one time a week, you should immediately contact the pool leak detection company. Delaying a pool leak can cause irreversible damage in the worst-case scenario


Finding leaks utilizing Ultrasound Equipment


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Jon Eckerson

“Hands down the most responsive and professional leak detection service I have ever used. No leak can escape Chris, he is incredibly thorough. Highly recommended, will use time and time again.”

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“Chris helped us understand some of the leak issues with were having with our pool using high tech equipment. Highly recommend.”

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